These great items will keep your car safe and make your life a bit easier too. Check out our wide selection of roadside assistance kits. We also offer you a choice of warning devices for your vehicle.

    01.Wide Mouth Bag 1pc
    02.Flashlight (battery included) 1pc
    03.PVC Work Gloves 2pairs
    04.Cotton Work Gloves 1pair
    05.Electrical Tape 1 roll
    06.Tow Rope Heavy Duty 12 feet 1pc
    07.Booster Cable 8 feet,1pc
    08.Fabric Blanket 1pc
    09.Safety Candles 2pcs
    10.Safety Matches 1box
    11.Warning Orange Triangle 1pair
    12.Foam Kneeling Pad 1pc
    13.Mini Travel First Aid Kit 1pc